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Project Management Professional (PMP®) Coaching Sessions

LIVE Online Coaching ​​​​​​​with Individualized Attention for Your Specific Needs our PMP Coaching Sessions ​​​​​​​where you are "Online but Not Alone"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"The Online Hybrid Course is just like being in the classroom" 
-M. Durbin, PMP Exam Prep & Scrum Master Course Graduate

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Whom Have We Served

The Management Academy has provided training, courses, and/or consultative services to employees of the
following companies:
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"I PASSED the exam!!"

Good afternoon. I PASSED the exam!!  I want to thank you for your dedication and persistence in pushing me to be a better project manager.

Your PMI study group added a tremendous amount of value to my PM knowledge.  Thanks again for all your support!"

Dean C.
Project Manager, Global Project Management | Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

"My experience has been beyond phenominal!!!"

"My experience at The Management Academy has been beyond phenomenal!!! The class content is taught very thoroughly, with a lot of passion, and an extremely knowledgeable instructor. Mrs. Grant is extremely professional and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help you become successful in the program. She offers one on one sessions, power sessions to go over questions, phone assistance as needed, and constant encouragement. These things are done in addition to and outside of the instructional class time and have proven to be most helpful in what is a very rigorous learning process. 

I would highly recommend anyone considering this program to go to The Management Academy. I do not believe anyone would get the level of personal attention and care for success in another place. The program is filled with tips and tools to help you through the study process and prepare for your actual test day.

Angela C.
​​​​​​​Real Estate Professional

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PMP Individualized Coaching with Career Assistance ​​​​​​​
LIVE Coaching Sessions via ​​​​​​​       

Web-Based Interface 
                  "You're Online but NOT Alone"
-Jacqueline Grant

Project Management Institute (PMI) certified instructors follow the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and its methodology, coupled with additional resources, to provide an active and engaging coaching environment.  In addition to case studies, role-play, visual presentations, examples, and explanations, the sessions engage clients in sharing real-life examples of study topics, to increase learning and retention.  Exams are used to identify and fill your knowledge gaps as part of your coaching sessions.

Applicable to many different industries and business types, the Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the fastest growing and most sought professional development achievements. Your PMP Coaching Sessions cover the ten knowledge areas and five process groups in a strategic manner, utilizing MS Project to enhance project management concepts and the skill levels necessary for successful project plan development.  The caching sessions also provide a wide range of tools, techniques, and memory joggers, to enhance recall.  Clients receive verification of growth and proficiency of session material through comparison of pre-session (as part of first session) and post-session (last session) analysis scores.

Course Objectives:
The TMA PMP Individualized Coaching Sessions have four primary objectives:

1. To prepare clients to utilize the global practices of the PMI methodology to successfully and professionally manage projects within scope, on time, and within budget

2. Fill current knowledge gaps with the ability to recognize content and patterns of test questions to develop problem solving strategies

3. Identify areas for increased study and practice

4. To prepare clients for a career as a Project Management Professional (PMP)


Access and participate in your PMP Coaching Sessions from anywhere!
No need to spend time travelling to a physical classroom.
​​​​​​​Save time, money, gas, and stress by enrolling in the PMP® Coaching Sessions TODAY!

Your PMP Coaching Sessions includes:


 PMI PMP Application Assistance

 An Initial Readiness Assessment 

 Individual Achievement Plan

 Career Advisement

 One-On-One Coaching and Tutoring
    (as needed)

 Networking and Professional Growth                          Opportunities 

 Employment Services

 Includes Day, Evening & 
    Saturday Session Options Available

 Project Management Coaching and Career

 The session fee includes: Online Session

 Certificate of Completion